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It is the end of July, but it is not yet the end of wild summer and awesome time in Mykonos! If you still have doubts, now is the best time to visit Mykonos. As you already know, millions of tourists come to this magnificent island every year so they can relax on their summer vacation. And they all have to make a huge decision, upon which depends their holiday. And that is – where to stay in Mykonos island? What place will bring them the most incredible and satisfying experience?

In the long run, the answer to these questions is really simple. It’s all up to you and your personal preferences. Someone likes to be alone and to have quiet time just for himself. Someone likes to party all day and night long. While others like to find the “gold middle” in between these two options, like families and couples. We are going to end your dilemmas here, because Mykonos has something for everyone’s taste.

Where To Stay In Mykonos Island – Find Your Peace Near The Beaches

Whether you are a first time in Mykonos or you’re a regular visitor, you should know that this island has the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you want to relieve all the stress that you have and forget everything about your daily worries, then resorts near the beaches are perfect for your summer holiday!

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Fantastic beaches in Mykonos are relatively far from the center of  Mykonos Town. And, Mykonos Town is kind of a loud and noisy part of this island. Don’t get us wrong, this is absolutely not a bad thing at all, especially for the ones who are in love with parties and nightlife. But, places close to the beach are perfect for the ones who want to find their inner peace and freedom within themselves. This is, ultimately, the great solution for having as much pleasure as you want just for yourself.

Perfect Places For Families – Ornos or Platys Gialos

Although Mykonos is world wide known island for partying, many families with their children don’t hesitate to come to this island. If you want to take your whole family and don’t know where to stay in Mykonos island, don’t worry. Among many amazing beaches, Ornos Beach and Platys Gialos Beach are the most popular family-friendly beaches here.

Location of Ornos Beach is in the southern part of the island and families simply love it! You can take a swim in a crystal clear blue water whenever you want! But, it it has other things to offer to families like many restaurants, nice hotels and apartments. Many boats and yachts drop by here, so you can take your chance to have a wonderful Mykonos boat ride. Another beach that families really appreciate in Mykonos is Platy Gialos Beach. It is a large, sandy beach with a lot of restaurants and other places, where the entire family can have fun!

Where To Stay In Mykonos Island – Agios Ioannis And Psarou Are Made For Romantic Souls

Island of love and hedonism. That’s exactly how a large number of people like to call Mykonos. Because this island has something to offer to “special kind” of visitors. Of course, we are talking about couples, “and romantic souls who want to get away from the crowd and have intimate time with each other.

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There are many romantic places in Mykonos that are simply made for “love birds”. In this article, we’ll mention just two of them because many consider them to be the most popular places for partners. They are Agios Ioannis Beach and Psarou Beach. For example, Agions Ioannis Beach has, besides Little Venice, one of the most mesmerizing sunset views. And, speaking of Psarou Beach, it has many sunbeds where couples can lay down the whole day, while enjoying their favourite drinks. Keep in mind that many celebrities adore this beach, so don’t be surprised if you see some of them.

Mykonos Town – Ideal Nightlife For Partygoers

Nevertheless, Mykonos, as the party animal of Greece, is always ready for your life adventure! So, you’re partygoer, want to live life to the fullest and still don’t know where to stay in Mykonos Island? If that’s the case, then Mykonos Town is an ideal solution for you. All the magic, when the night comes in Mykonos, happens here! This is why Mykonos town has the highest reputation of the best nightlife in entire Greece! Parties here practically never stop.

Trust us, just being feel will make you feel like a real superstar! But if you want to be the part of the number one parties in whole Mykonos, then you should definitely visit Porta Bar Mykonos. This exclusive gay indoor nightclub has everything that you can wish for, in order to have the most memorable time ever! Friendly people, open-minded community, phenomenal music, latest sound system, LED lights dance floor – you name it, it’s there. In one word (actually, two) – fantastic environment!

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Don’t wait any longer, spend your summer 2019 in Mykonos, because you don’t want to miss the best parties in Greece. Also, book your holiday right now because the new season at Porta Bar Mykonos has started! We are waiting for you.

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