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It’s never too early to start planning your perfect summer in Greece. In case you still don’t know where you would like to go, we suggest you visit Mykonos in 2019 and enjoy this beautiful island in a number of different ways. Mykonos has amazing beaches, various cultural sights, and extremely rich nightlife you simply have to experience. Of course, the crown of it all is the one and only Porta Bar Mykonos that allows you to have a good time, meet new friends and dance to your favorite tunes. Take a look at why Mykonos is your best choice for a perfect Greek summer this year.

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Stunning Beaches

Since you’re considering your holiday options, obviously the most important thing is to find a sunny place with lots of exciting beaches. That is why you should visit Mykonos in 2019. It doesn’t matter what type of beaches you like, chances are you’ll find the perfect one for you here.

Party goers will most likely enjoy destinations like Paradise or Super Paradise. Sport lovers will find their haven on a beach like Ftelia, famous for wind-surfing activities. However, tourists that enjoy privacy and relaxation should definitely opt for Paraga beach with its heavenly lounging chairs.

Visit Mykonos in 2019: Little Venice

One of the most famous places in Mykonos is certainly the district called Little Venice. It is a historically important part of the island that draws hundreds of tourists every year. They say that this place has absolutely amazing sunsets that will take your breath away. Don’t miss out on a chance to have a romantic date you will never forget.

Besides that, Little Venice is known for numerous fishing huts that date back to the 18th century. These houses were used by the local fishermen but nowadays they are just a depiction of an old lifestyle. Make sure you visit these extraordinary houses on your way there.

visit mykonos in 2019

Windmills of Mykonos

Another important part of the Mykonos heritage are the famous windmills. Many people refer to the entire island as “the Island of the Winds” and for a good reason. The island is ruled by a couple of distinct winds that give its warm days a distinct charm. The most famous one is certainly Meltemi.

Obviously, the residents have acknowledged the strength of these winds early on and did their best to harness it. That is why there are countless windmills on the island nowadays, hypnotizing visitors with their beauty. If you’re planning to visit Mykonos in 2019, you have to see them as well.

Visit Mykonos in 2019: Crazy Nights Out

Of course, the reason why many people choose Mykonos for their holiday option is the amazing nightlife this island is famous for. Mykonos is the ultimate destination to blow off some steam and let yourself loose on the dancefloor. The island pretty much became a safe haven for anyone who felt constrained by the society’s norms.

All this being said, the best reason to visit Mykonos in 2019 is the unforgettable Porta Bar Mykonos. This great club has everything you need for an amazing night out – energetic music, pleasant atmosphere and, of course, charming people. Visit us and find out for yourself.

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