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Say goodbye to your work hours and say hello to your holiday! Season of vacations has officially started, and everyone is eagerly waiting to travel somewhere. Whether you are going to a mountain, seaside, the countryside, it doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy to the max. But, if you’ve decided to go to some exotic places, you already know that Mykonos is the perfect solution for you for various reasons. Nevertheless, most of the people want to know – when is the best time to visit Mykonos? The answer to this question really depends upon your preferences.

Also, it depends on what do you like to do (or see) during your vacation. Someone prefers to visit historical and archaeological places and enjoy peace and quietness. And someone likes cruising on the Mykonos boat ride. While others like sunbathing, swimming and partying all night day long. You should know that the tourist season in this beautiful island begins around April and it lasts until late October. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t visit Mykonos in the off season. Because there are plenty of interesting things that you can do on this island during the whole year.

A Period In Mykonos That Is Made For Exploring And Sightseeing

Believe it or not, not everyone likes to go their holiday during peak season. There are a lot of people with “exploring spirit” who just want to find out more about history, geography and culture of Mykonos. While other people just want to enjoy in the stunning views. Don’t worry, Mykonos has it all for this kind of visitors.

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Nevertheless, this sort of tourists prefer to come to Mykonos when it is low-season. This is the period during April, May, June, September and October! And you know what this means! Now is the perfect time to go to Mykonos in order to research, explore and go sightseeing. The weather during this period is great, warm, sunny, and it is not too hot. During this period you can also visit a lot of amazing places such as Little Venice, Mykonos Windmills, Panagia Paraportiani, Delos, etc. You can go to many fabulous beaches where you can just chill and enjoy breathtaking views.

Also, during this period you can save a bunch of money, because prices are at their lowest. Almost everything then is cheap – hotels, accommodations, apartments, Mykonos specialties, transportation, restaurants and delicious Greek beverages.

The Most Incredible Time For Families And Couples To Come To Mykonos

Let’s be honest. Not everyone enjoys in crowded and loud places where they cannot hear their own thoughts. There are a lot of families who come to Mykonos with their children and want to take pleasure in peaceful activities. Also, love couples prefer to come to this island due to many romantic places in Mykonos where they can be alone and intimate.

If you find yourself in this kind of preferences, then the best time to visit Mykonos for you is in medium-season. This period of time is in June and September. Tourists in this time begin to come to Mykonos, but it’s not a “traffic jam”. The day during this period lasts longer, until 8 pm, so you can organize all your activities throughout the day light. Children can play as long as they want in sand and in shallow, crystal clear blue water, while parents can peacefully relax. The prices during this period are a little bit higher than the low season (which is normal), but it is affordable.

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Couples can swim to hidden bays where no one is going to bother them. And, where they can enjoy in each other to the fullest! Beaches, such as Agios Sostis, Lia Beach or Agios Stefanos, are favourite places for “love birds”! Come, and see it for yourself! Many of you already know that Mykonos is well known for gay-friendly life. With this being said, a lot of gay couples simply adore this island because of its open minded community and environment.

The Perfect Time To Go To Mykonos If You Like Partying

Do you know what is the second name of Mykonos? It is Greek Ibiza! And, do you know why? Because Mykonos isn’t just a “party animal of Greece“, it is the place with the best nightlife in entire Europe! This island is the place where the real fun and parties begin and never stop! People really start to live their own dreams and fantasies when they come to Mykonos.

So, the best time to visit Mykonos, if you are wild and adventurous partygoer, is definitely high-season in July and August. Hot weather, crowded beaches, beach parties and energetic vibes don’t stop during this period! It is basically non-stop action and your time will pass on before you know it! Because, you can’t get bored while you are having the time of your life! Wherever and whenever you turn around, there is some action and fun going on. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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If you want to experience the best nightlife and Greek parties that you will remember for the rest of your life, then Porta Bar Mykonos is the perfect solution for you. This is the best gay bar in Mykonos with modern LED light dance floor where you’ll be swirling like crazy! The most talented DJs from all around the globe come here to play your favourite music and, of course, the best gay anthems.

You can drink the tastiest cocktails as long as you want it, and dance like never before in your life! Parties in Mykonos never stop, so get ready for the best summer 2019 experience that you’ve ever had!

New season at Porta Bar Mykonos has begun! So, book your holiday now and prepare yourself for the most memorable holiday in your life!

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