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What is the most amazing time of the year to party then summer? Hot weather, beautiful sun, positive energy and vibes – you can practically feel it in the air! And that’s the thing we’ve all looked forward to this year. With this being said, you should know that Mykonos has well-deserved title of the party animal of Greece. Every year parties here get even better and better. So, don’t wait any longer, the best parties in Mykonos and wild atmosphere are simply waiting for you!

The thing that distinguishes Mykonos from other places is that you can party here all day and night long. There are no boundaries! And, that’s one of the best things that you can do while being in Mykonos. Some people prefer to party with techno and electronic music, while others like to “play smooth” and to enjoy in the lounge bars. Also, partying in Mykonos is not just exclusive right for nightclubs. You can dance, drink and have the most incredible time on beaches as well! This island has it all! 

The Best Parties In Mykonos – Have The Time Of Your Life On Beaches

The minute you step into the Mykonos, you will hear (and feel) the great power of the party scene. Clubbing here is so popular, that people from all around the world gather here to enjoy life to the maximum! The glamorous reputation of this island is what makes many celebrities come to Mykonos every year. But, the best thing about this island is that you don’t have to wait for the night to come in order to go out and get “crazy”. You can just go to any beach bar during the day and simply “transform” yourself into a wild party-goer!

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And, Mykonos has the most gorgeous and picturesque beaches where you can have the time of your life! You can enjoy in the glorious summer sun and the turquoise sea water, while dancing and having fun with a lot of people. The infectious sounds of loud music will make you jump around and dance like you’ve never done it before. Because of Mykonos’s open minded community and nude tolerant beaches, you can party here with no clothes on! Yeah, that’s right – you can unveil your true self and no one will judge you. Straight, gay, bisexual – it doesn’t matter as long as you spread a positive energy. That’s what matters the most!

You can visit a Super Paradise Beach, for example, and see it for yourself.

While Partying, Enjoy The Most Delicious Drinks

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you want to party in the summer? Of course, that is drinking the most delicious tropical cocktails! They make the atmosphere (which is already phenomenal) of every party or celebration even greater! The best parties in Mykonos will provide you with the tastiest beverages, so you can fulfill all your pleasures. But, particularly cocktails are inevitable part of every fiesta. With their vivid, colourful look, fancy decorations, umbrellas and pieces of fruit, they’ll instantly make you have a smile on your face. As soon as you taste them, they will refresh you, so you can shake your body and have the most memorable party experience!

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Cocktails are always fun, and they can be bitter, sour or sweet. It all depends upon your preferences. Regardless of the taste, what matters is that they will enable you to enjoy in every single second that you spend partying in Mykonos! Let’s simply put it this way – they will help you experience the most incredible life of Mykonos in summer 2019! But, beside cocktails, you can drink plenty of other drinks while partying. And, Myokons has a plenty of delightful drinks to offer you. You can have the well known Metaxa. You won’t regret by having a sip of Ouzo or Tsipouro, but everything tastes and feels better with famous Greek wines.

Just by trying these drinks, you will feel the true taste of Greece. You will spice things up at the party in a matter of time! Also, your choice doesn’t have to be alcoholic. You can always choose a non-alcoholic beverage and have the best time.

Mykonos Has The Best Nightlife In Entire Europe

Do you know how people from around the globe call Mykonos? They call this island “The Greek Ibiza” or “The Clubbing Acropolis of the world“! And these “nicknames” are not here accidentally. Mykonos is the most favourite party destination in entire Europe, because parties here never stop! As we’ve already said, parties can take place under a clear sky, but they are the most glamorous when the sun comes down. The best parties in Mykonos are during the night and that’s when the real fun begins! Nightlife in Mykonos is so lively, active and hedonistic, that everyone wants to take part in it. With no exception at all!

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That’s why people like more indoor nightclubs, because of their exclusiveness. Surely, the best nightclub in Mykonos, where you will have the most pleasant time of your life, is Porta Bar Mykonos. We have deserved the reputation of the best gay bar in Mykonos for a reason. This high-quality reputation is based on extremely friendly atmosphere and amazing music that leaves no one indifferent! With the latest sound system and modern LED light dance floor, you will want the party never to stop! The world’s most famous DJs come here to play the popular music genres that you love! With their stunning energy, you will forget the world outside and “rock’n’roll” all night long! Our staff is really polite and people are so nice, that you can easily make friends here.

Pack your suitcases and book your holiday now! Because, new season at Porta Bar Mykonos has begun and we are eagerly waiting for your arrival. Feel free to visit us this summer and together we will create the memories you will remember for the rest of your life!

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