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Music connects us all. Without it, our souls would be empty, our feelings would be dark and negative. But, thankfully, the situation is not like that. There are many genres of music and different kind of people have a different music and melody taste. But the most popular music in the past few decades, that people all around the world really love, is definitely DJ music. If you are visiting the most popular party island in Greece this summer, then our recommendation is to enjoy in the best DJ music in Mykonos!

Mykonos has the well deserved reputation of the most visited island in Greece, because of its vibrant nightlife. And, where are partying and dance clubs – there is music. One thing cannot go without other, and vice versa. Over the years DJs (disc jockeys) have been recognized as unique performers for a live audience. The reason being is that their music makes the crowd go wild and crazy. That’s why DJs in Greece, particularly in Mykonos, make the party atmosphere be so great and beyond any ordinary expectations.

The Best DJ Music In Mykonos – Early History Of DJ-ing

Before we get to the topic of this blog, let’s talk a little bit about history of DJ-ing. Although many consider that DJ music belongs to the modern and younger generations, that, actually is not the case. For sure – nowadays DJ sounds, with the latest music technology and the internet revolution, is more developed than ever. But, you can find the roots of DJ music in the early 1940s in the past century.

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That’s the time when the famous radio DJ performer, Jimmy Savile, played the first DJ dance party in Great Britain. A few years later, DJ-ing began to expand in the USA, where many DJs played music via radio. Then, over the time, in the 1960s and 1970s, there was a real expansion of nightclubs and discotheques all over the world. That was the period in history when people used to relax and hang out with cozy disco sounds. During 1980s and 1990s, the remarkable electric sound has found its place in music. In a matter of time became the most contagious sound in everyone’s ears. Fast forward the time – now the DJ music industry is at its peak. It gathers thousands of people at just one event or manifestation.

What Are The Most Popular DJ’s Sets In Mykonos?

Everything about summer holidays is to enjoy to the maximum and to have the most memorable time. Always have in mind that Mykonos is ready for your life adventure and the greatest summer of your life. And, the best DJ music in Mykonos is “in charge” for your ultimate and even better vacation experience than you have expected.

There is really a big range of DJ music songs that people take pleasure in. They are all so ultra popular, that it doesn’t matter when where they performed for the first time, who played them, etc. That’s the music for all generations. Among TOP 100 DJ and party songs in Mykonos we’ll mention just some of them. I Gotta Feeling, by Black Eyed Peas never gets old. People get in a trance when they hear remixes of Sweet Caroline by Niel Diamond, Push It by Salt-N-Pepa, Finesse by Bruno Mars, etc.

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And the most listened DJs today, that made a real music revolution, are Martin Garrix, DJ Tiesto, Alan Walker, David Guetta, Hardwell, and many others.

Where To Listen The Best DJ Sounds In Mykonos – Answer is Porta Bar!

No one stays indifferent when comes Mykonos island, whether you find yourself for the first time in Mykonos or you are a regular visitor. Everything on this island is so lively and colourful, that you’d be in a dilemma what to do first. Or where to go. Wherever you turn around, there is always something exciting happening, and that’s the real magic and the beauty of Mykonos. This thing especially relates to the nightlife in Mykonos – the time when parties never stop.

If you are a party maniac and want to listen to the best DJ music in Mykonos, then you should definitely visit Porta Bar Mykonos! This indoor nightclub is the best gay bar in Mykonos, based on friendly service and the quality of the music.The most popular DJs come here in order to play your favourite music hits. They also play the best gay anthems which will leave you breathless. Our club has the most unique and modern LED light dance floor, as well as the latest sound system. You’ll be dancing and swirling like never before in your life, while listening to the DJ music and drinking the tastiest cocktails in Greece.

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So, get ready for the most incredible experience in summer 2019 at Porta Bar Mykonos. If you still haven’t, book your holiday now, because we offer you the best parties in Greece! We’ll be waiting for you.

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