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If you love travelling, you probably know that the best travel arrangements always get booked first. Popular islands like the famous Mykonos attract more and more tourists every day, so if you want to have an incredible experience this summer, make sure you plan ahead. Porta Bar Mykonos invites you to visit this beautiful island during the summer of 2019 and spend some time in your favorite gay bar. For those of you who still somehow haven’t had a chance to visit our nightclub, we’re going to remind you what you have to look forward to. We eagerly await your arrival.

An Island Known Around the Globe

Mykonos is known around the world for its famous chilling winds, rich historical heritage, and a constantly growing gay community that keeps it alive. This island came to the public eye decades ago when it was used by numerous celebrities as a safe haven from all the paparazzi. It was a place where they could simply relax and enjoy their privacy.

This was the same reason why many gay people found the island to be the ultimate refuge. Mykonos is a place where they can be themselves and, simply, be free. Porta Bar Mykonos is the best example of this type of freedom. People come here to have fun and forget about their problems for a while.

Rich and Interesting History

If you enjoy visiting culturally interesting and rich places, Mykonos will give you exactly what you need in the summer of 2019. There are numerous sights you can see on the island and become a part of its history. Make sure you visit the famous Mykonos windmills that are not only beautiful but also quite culturally important.

Besides that, you have to go to the part of the island called Little Venice, which is known for its incredible sunsets. You can grab a cup of coffee with your loved one and admire the breathtaking nature.

For those of you who love going to the beach, Mykonos also has a lot to offer. There are beaches made for relaxation, water-sports, and even outside parties. Whatever your preference is, you will find your perfect spot under the sun here.

Porta Bar Mykonos: Summer of 2019

Of course, when the sun sets, it’s a whole different story. Most young people go out searching for a good time and those well-known Mykonos parties. Obviously, if you want to experience this Mykonos nightlife the right way, you need a great club that will motivate you and make you feel welcome.

Obviously, the right choice for you is Porta Bar Mykonos – a gay club with a friendly atmosphere like you’ve never felt before. Even if this is your first time in a gay club, you will feel like you’re at home.

We are known for inviting some of the finest DJs in the business who can keep the mood an all-time high throughout the night. Our spacious dancefloor will simply draw you in and you’ll undoubtedly meet a couple of new friends. We’ll be waiting for you.

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