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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, we are not talking about freezing cold winter, we are talking about hot and sunny summer! There is no single person on this planet who doesn’t enjoy in all pleasures that summer brings to us. Of course, this also implies the beginning of the annual holidays where almost everyone rushes to beautiful islands in Greece. But, if you really want to make the most out of your holiday, then we recommend that you spend summer 2019 in Mykonos! You definitely won’t regret by visiting this amazing place.

This stunning island in Cyclades has so much to offer, that you wouldn’t know what to see or do first Mykonos. Nevertheless, whatever you decide to do here, you will enjoy it to the maximum. Because, every single year Mykonos attracts millions of tourists from all around the world, and the explanation for that is simple. This island is paradise for hedonists, partygoers, adventurers, families, gourmands, etc. No wonder that many celebrities also adore this amazing island. So, pack your suitcases, and don’t think any longer where to go this summer. Feel free to live your dreams, because Mykonos is ready for your life adventure!

Summer 2019 In Mykonos – Relax On The Beach As Much As You Want

When the hot sun strikes outside during the summer, everyone wants to refresh themselves by having a nice swim and relax in a moderately cold water. Some prefer the swimming pools, but, admit it. There is no better feeling than to freshen up yourself by jumping into the crystal clear turquoise sea! There are many amazing beaches that you can visit in summer 2019 in Mykonos. They are all friendly oriented environment, so you can go there with your family, partner, or even by yourself. Either way, you’ll have the incredible time.

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Near the Mykonos Town, there is this exquisite beach that many families love. Its name is Agios Stefanos. There is also an Ornos Beach which is the ideal spot for both parents and kids. Couples and “love birds” can come Lia Beach or Paraga Beach, because they will have all the time in this world to enjoy with each other. Hidden and away from curious people, where no one will bother them. And, for those who like to “shake” their bodies and party during the day light, we recommend Kalo Livadi Beach, Paradise Beach or Super Paradise Beach. Oh, you’ll have a memorable experience down here!

And, when you’re not in the water, you can always relax in the sand and drink your favourite drink all day long. Heaven for all your senses!

Explore And Discover The Magic Mykonos Sights

If you are an adventurous person who just wants to find out more about (un)explored areas on this island, then you are on the right place. Mykonos took care about this thing, as well. This magnificent island has so many historical, geographical and archaeological sights that you must see. They are so enchanting, that it is really hard to describe them in one word. But, they all represent the most important part of the cultural identity of Mykonos.

The most photographed and visited spot in Mykonos is definitely Little Venice. That is for a reason. Because, watching a sunset here will leave you speechless. There is nothing more beautiful than this view and we are pretty sure that you’ve never seen anything like this in your entire life. Absolutely amazing landmark here is the Mykonos Windmills, which represent the essential part of this island’s charm. While watching the appearance of this architectural materpiece against the blue sky, you will easily understand why is this perfect spot. You can always visit awesome places and feel the spirit of Greece bay having a Mykonos boat ride.

Don’t worry, wherever you go, by sightseeing this island you’ll have the best summer 2019 in Mykonos. We promise!

“Dive” Into The Incredible Nightlife And Have The Time Of Your Life

Mykonos is a world wide most known island for the best parties in Europe! When visitors come here, due to phenomenal party atmosphere, relaxed people, and hot Mediterranean climate, they forget all about their daily worries. This is exactly why people from all around the globe have a strong desire to feel Mykonos. Because, in this island they will see what the heaven on earth looks like. Just one day partying in Mykonos will make you feel like you are on the top of the world. So, it doesn’t surprise why people call Mykonos the party animal of Greece.

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If you want to have the best party experience of your life, where everything will be about your pleasure, then Porta Bar Mykonos is the perfect choice for you! This is, by far, the best gay club in Mykonos, but everyone is equally welcomed here! Whether you are gay, bisexual, straight – it really doesn’t matter as long as you are open minded and having fun! While listening to the music of the most popular DJs and drinking delicious cocktails, you will enjoy in every single second spent with us. With latest sound systems and modern LED light dance floor, you will rock ‘n’ roll like you never did before! You can’t imagine the great entertainment in Mykonos without visiting the Porta Bar, because wild nightlife and parties here never stop!

Book your holiday now, get ready for the best summer 2019 in Mykonos, and live life like a boss!

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