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Mykonos is the type of island where boredom doesn’t exist. There is, practically, no room for it. It’s a small Greek island that has many things to offer to all kinds of visitors. Wherever you turn your head, there is something fun and exciting going on. But, if you are coming here with your partner, then you should definitely visit these romantic places in Mykonos.

Beautiful sun, stunning beaches, crystal clear blue water and a lot of places for never-ending sightseeing will make your summer 2019 holiday perfect. Surprise your partner by taking him/her to these romantic places and you both will have the most incredible experience in Mykonos! You can take our word for it.

Romantic Places In Mykonos – Number One Is Little Venice

If you have decided to get to know Mykonos in the best possible way with your partner, then we have solution for you. The most beautiful and probably the most romantic place here is Little Venice. This is the part of the island that leaves all the tourists breathless. Especially couples.

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Little Venice is an elite neighbourhood of this island close to port of Mykonos, and it is built in 18th century. It has white lined maze-streets with many shops, boutiques, galleries, bars and Mediterranean flowers. From here you can see the well known unique, white and old Mykonos windmills. They represent the most relevant part of island’s charm and cultural identity. But, most importantly – why is this location ideal for romantic couples? Because it has the most mesmerizing view of the sunset.

Waves That Bring Good Mood And Smile On Face – Agios Sostis Beach

What to visit in Mykonos? What beach should I go to first? Surely, all the beaches in Mykonos are unique and beautiful in its own way. But, there is one beach that is meant to be one of the most romantic places in Mykonos. That is Agios Sostis Beach.

This beach got its name after a nearby church which extends above the bay and “protects” people from sun. Beside wild beauty, pureness and gorgeousness, Agios Sostis Beach is one of the most quietest beaches in Mykonos. Nature took care of this beach by placing it in protected cove with very clean sand. There are no sun-beds or umbrellas here, so you and your partner can have this beach all for yourselves!

Romantic Places in Mykonos – Get Away With Your Partner To Lia Beach

When you go to a holiday with your partner, you want to get away from everyone and everything. Simply, you want to enjoy in your privacy. If you want to be intimate with partner, without anyone bothering you, then one of the best things to do in Mykonos is to go immediately to Lia Beach.

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With exotic waters, colourful umbrellas and white sand, Lia Beach is the perfect place to have the most wonderful time with your partner. You can lay on this beach all day long, have delightful drinks under an umbrella and forget all about your daily worries. Hills that surround this beach, with the most amazing view of blue water and open sea, make landscape here breathtaking. You and your partner will definitely feel absolute freedom here!

Porta Bar Mykonos – For Romantic Couples Who Want To Party And Spice Up Their Love Life

As we can see, you can totaly enjoy in many outstanding romantic places in Mykonos. There is no more romantic thing to do in Greece other than watching beautiful sunset. But, sunset and night in Mykonos mean the beginning of another new life. A wild, partylife that everyone dreams of, and which made Mykonos the most popular island in Europe.

If you are eager to experience something new and you and your partner want to spice up a bit your relationship, then Porta Bar Mykonos is ideal place for you! This is the best gay bar in Mykonos where everyone can have fun and enjoy all life pleasures! The world’s most popular DJs come here to play top music hits and, of course, the best gay anthems. With modern LED light dance floor, you will sway, swing and feel the most amazing energetic vibes!

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Porta Bar Mykonos is made for open minded people, without prejudices, who just want to have great time in gay club. Club staff here is polite and pleasant, so you can feel free to chat with them in an amazing and friendly atmosphere. Nevertheless, you can always meet new people here and make friends with them.

Partylife and nightlife in Mykonos never stop! So, what are you waiting for? There are no excuses. Book your holiday now and make life long memories because new season at Porta Bar Mykonos has begun!

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