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Bye, bye August, hello September! Although an amazing August is behind us now, that doesn’t mean that summer holiday 2019 in Mykonos has ended. Au contraire! Mykonos island in September will bring you more pleasure and more excitement than you’ve ever imagined! This is exactly the reason why many tourists from all around the globe eagerly come to this island in September.

Most popular and common belief is that Mykonos is fancy, glamorous and “shiny” island just during the hot summer months – June, July and August. And yes – this is quite true. But not one hundred percent! That’s because during September you’ll experience some fantastic things in Mykonos, that you couldn’t experience in the peak season. So, if you were asking yourself what is the best time to visit Mykonos, you won’t regret by coming here in September.

Mykonos Island In September – Because Weather Is Perfect

Let’s be honest – not everyone enjoys the heat and “boiling” weather during summer. So, if you don’t like to expose your body to the hot sun and temperature, then September is an excellent month for your vacation! First and foremost, weather conditions in Mykonos during September are ideal for everything you want to do here. Go shopping, go swimming, go sightseeing, go partying, etc… Practically, whatever you want!

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The Mediterranean climate of this phenomenal Greek island is perfect in September. The weather is much nicer comparing to August and July. Temperatures are, also, more moderate. To be precise – the temperature varies from 21-22°C up to 27-28°C. Which is absolutely stunning for anyone! A light breeze that comes from the north of the island will also make you feel comfortable and cozy during September. Keep in mind that sea water is warm as well – its average temperature is 25°C. That makes it impeccable for swimming! With this being said, you can go to beautiful beaches in Mykonos and have the time of your life.

Atmosphere During September Is Ideal

September in Mykonos definitely has many advantages, if we compare this month to July and August. So, besides the weather, atmosphere in Mykonos island in September is everything you craved for during the whole year! You can easily find an accommodation for yourself. And all this without having to worry if anyone has booked that apartment before you. Actually, during September in Mykonos prices are pretty affordable for everything. This will enable you to feel the luxurious life in Mykonos, even with a moderate budget.

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However, with an absence of high crowd, you can enjoy your privacy and quietness even on the beaches! This is the reason why many families with kids simply adore to come here during September. And, not just families, many celebrities like to visit Mykonos in this month, so they can get away from paparazzi and camera lens. Love couples and partners cannot remain indifferent to Mykonos island in September as well. This is the perfect time of the year and perfect part of the world where they can get intimate as much as they want! There are many romantic places in Mykonos that are practically “luring” partners to come and have the most memorable experience in Mykonos.

Mykonos In September – Because Parties Here Never Stop

Now we can see that Mykonos island in September has so much to offer to anyone. Whoever visits this island at this specific time of the year will, undoubtedly, have the time of his life. Positive and energetic atmosphere, as well as the friendly vibes, is present during the whole year! This is because the best parties in Mykonos never stop. No matter the weather or the season! This means that party enthusiasts can feel free to come to Mykonos in September, because this island is a party animal of Greece!

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