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Summer 2019 may be over, but that doesn’t mean that vacations and fun in Mykonos have ended. Oh, no, my friends! If an elegance, romance and stylishness had another name, that would certainly be Mykonos island in Autumn! This beautiful island in Greece has so much to offer you during this season. And, you know what this means? This means that you will have the most memorable experience in Mykonos in Autumn.

You’re all already familiar with the fact that during Summer everything is packed with loads of tourists in this holiday destination. But, during September in Mykonos and whole Autumn, you can “breath easier” and do the things that you couldn’t have done during peak of the season. So, with great amount of sureness we can say that Autumn is one of the best time to visit Mykonos. This is because there are plenty of reasons to visit and fall in love with Mykonos island in Autumn.

Mykonos Island In Autumn – The Weather Is Perfect And It’s Less Crowded

Now, that the Summer has ended, the hottest days of the year and warming heat are behind us. However, this doesn’t mean that the nice weather conditions are over in Mykonos. When we’re talking about Autumn in this phenomenal island, the weather and the temperature circumstances are perfect for anyone!

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First of all, the sun still shines in all of its glory. But, it’s not warm or cold – it’s the ideal “golden middle”. The temperature in early Autumn varies from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius, which makes the weather conditions perfect for any kind of activity. Keep in mind that this includes sunbathing, getting a nice tan and the right dose of vitamin D. The water is still warm, so you can enjoy in water sports and swimming, as well.

The outstanding beaches in Mykonos are way less crowded in Autumn! So, you won’t have any problem finding a place to put a towel on a nice sand and relax in your own peace and quietness. This means you can have more time to enjoy for yourself and by yourself.

Live Like An Authentic Greek And Explore The Island

As we have already said, everything in Mykonos island in Autumn suddenly transforms into a more private surrounding. With the tourists getting back to their homelands, you’ll have more time to discover Mykonos in its unique magnificence. And, what is more important, you’ll have the opportunity to realize how the locals live and what they actually do for a living.

You’ll see that many of the residents are fishermen, farmers, painters and simple householders. Nevertheless, they are all really hospitable and polite, you can freely approach them and chat with them. With this being said, you’d get a fantastic chance in Autumn to explore picturesque Mykonos. We guarantee that during this part of the year you’ll live like an authentic Greek.

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You can wander the charming narrow streets, visit Little Venice, Mykonos Windmills or any other part of this amazing island. We have to mention that now, with less visitors, you can easily find some of the most romantic places in Mykonos in Autumn, where you can enjoy with your partner. And without anyone disturbing you.

Mykonos Island In Autumn – Cheap Prices And Exclusive Shopping

Attention everybody! You’ll definitely appreciate the following news. Now when the hot Summer season is over, the prices in Mykonos became really affordable and cheap. So, if your budget didn’t allow you to travel to Mykonos during Summer, then you’ll love Autumn in Mykonos. Actually, the traveling itself to Mykonos is less expensive in Autumn than in Summer. And if you’re wondering where to stay in Mykonos during Autumn, not to worry. You won’t be having any problem finding the quality, but at the same time low-cost accommodation in hotels or villas.

But, not just accommodation – everything else in Mykonos island in Autumn is pretty cost-effective. So, if you’re shopaholic, Mykonos island in Autumn is an impeccable place for you. You’ll see it for yourself – an excellent retail therapy waits for you. Mykonos is practically packed with a lot of fascinating shops. Here you can buy anything that you desire. Souvenirs, clothes, jewelry and any other accessories that you want, you name it – it’s there.

No Matter The Season – Parties In Mykonos Are Always Rockin’!

These are just some of the things that you can do in Mykonos island in Autumn. Although the season has changed, one thing always remains the same in Mykonos. And that is – parties here are always rockin’ at the highest level! So, it’s not surprising that many people prefer to call Mykonos as the Ibiza of Greece. Or, as the party animal of Greece. You can find some of the beach bars that organize incredible beach parties during Autumn.

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But, if you want to have more fun and more excitement when partying, then Porta Bar Mykonos is an only solution for you! Our exclusive, indoor nightclub offers to you, undoubtedly, the best nightlife in Mykonos. Also, we have the well deserved reputation of the best gay club in the entire island. And there are reasons for that.

With the best DJ music, modern LED light interior and the tastiest cocktails in Greece, you’ll be dancing like never before! You can organize the most spectacular birthday parties at our place. Also, the atmosphere here is really cozy and affectionate, which means you can easily make friends at our club. When you experience and visit Porta Bar, you’ll know what the best parties in Mykonos look like.

Come and see it for yourself. We’ll be waiting for you.

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