mykonos gay travel guide

If there’s one place in the entire world where gay community can always feel welcome, it’s Mykonos. This amazing Greek island is full of beautiful scenery and various culturally significant places. However, one thing that Mykonos is known for around the world is undoubtedly the friendly atmosphere people generate. In case you’ve never been there, this Mykonos gay travel guide will give you a couple of important pointers so you would be able to fit right in.

Rich Heritage and Unique Culture

The first thing you’ll going to come across when you travel to Mykonos is, undoubtedly, unique Greek culture that can’t be found anywhere else. The Greeks are always proud of their rich heritage and aren’t afraid to show it. They love it when tourists appreciate it as well. That being said, you mustn’t confuse ancient Greece with the modern country it is today. Please do everyone a favor and don’t ask the locals whether they still worship the old gods.

mykonos gay travel guide

Beautiful Gay-Friendly Beaches

Since you’re coming to the coast, it’s only natural that you’re interested about the available beaches on the island. Fortunately for you, Mykonos is full of beautiful, golden beaches that will take your breath away. Quite interestingly, some of them are specifically designated for the gay people. We recommend you visit Elia, where you can find gay-specific as well as nudist parts. If you’d like a bit more privacy, you can also visit Panormos which is located on the northern side of the island. It is a gorgeous alternative to the more popular tourist attractions.

Greek Specialties and Recipes

Food plays an important part of the Greek culture. The Greeks love their food and have numerous traditional recipes that they still enjoy today. If you want to acquaint yourself with the Greek way of living, you have to love their food. Obviously, you know about their famous Gyros, which no one can resist. However, you also have to try specialties like Kremidopita or Amygdalota. Once you learn to appreciate the taste of the Aegean Sea, you will feel right at home.

Traditional Drinks You Have to Try

You can’t have great food without quality drinks, so here are a couple of them we would recommend you try. First up is Mastika, a sweet strong liqueur that is quite a popular choice for weddings and other celebrations. Then there’s Raki, everyone’s favorite meal aperitif as well as the famous Ouzo. Besides that, especially in the night clubs, people love to drink various tasty cocktails. The aforementioned Ouzo can be mixed with grenadine and a lemonade. It is a refreshing drink that perfectly captures the Mykonos atmosphere.

nightclub mykonos

Mykonos Gay Travel: Crazy Night Outs

Of course, you can’t really drink those cocktails by yourself, can you? Every proper Mykonos gay travel guide has to mention the wild nightlife. The best places to try out local cocktails and absorb the friendly atmosphere are the gay clubs. We would highly recommend you give Porta Bar Mykonos a try because we’re sure you’ll fall in love with it instantly. Drop by, say hi, and become a part of our community.

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