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Over the time, Mykonos has been known as an island that attracts all types of the tourists. And from all around the world. Fabulous and beautiful beaches, chilling and relaxing atmosphere, luxurious life, friendly people, warm sun. Simply said – real cosmopolitan island that is perfect in every way possible. But, this place shows itself in the most glamorous way when the sun comes down. Everyone wants to experience Mykonos at night, because that’s the time when the magic happens!

Of course, the first thing that pops in people’s mind is the world wide famous Mykonos nightlife! And yes, they are absolutely right – nightlife and parties here are really impeccable. That’s why many people consider Mykonos as the island of hedonism that celebrities and superstar adore, as well. But, besides wild partying, raving and dancing, there are other things that you can do in Mykonos by night. At the end of the day, you can treat yourself with partying all night long. Life exists to enjoy in it and Mykonos offers you the most pleasurable time of your life.

Mykonos At Night – Wander The Wonderful Streets And Have A Night Swim

After having an incredible time on the beach during the daylight, it is time to have a little bit of different pleasure in the evening. We strongly recommend to you to explore Mykonos at night. And, the best way to do that is to wander the magnificent streets in Mykonos. If you are an adventurous person, willing to always find out something new and exciting, then this is the right choice for you! Trust us – even this activity will bring you so much amusement and it will cool you down after a hot, warm day.

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The reason being is a fantastic Mykonos architecture that leaves no one indifferent. Streets of this island are awesome during the night and, because of the moon shining, they glow with the special kind of excitement. While walking, you’ll see a bunch of people just photographing Mykonos buildings and sights because they offer a really stunning view. That’s why crowd on the night gathers mostly in Little Venice – the most recognizable and the most popular place in Mykonos. Also, feel free to have a nice, night swim. Dip your body (or just feet, whatever you prefer) in hot and shallow water. But, for your safety – don’t get off the coast too much. Just relax and enjoy, because Mykonos is made for that!

Have A Nice Dinner In The Late Night

If you feel tired after the long, sunny day and the sun has exhausted you, then you should “charge your energy batteries”. This means it is time for a dinner! While in Mykonos, you can have a dinner meal literally at any night time that you want. Don’t be surprised, because Greeks love to eat late at night, particularly in the summer. Even in the midnight, but that’s a common thing around here, so don’t rush your time.

Visit restaurants, check their menus and enjoy in traditional Greek specialties. Every single bite will spark a fire of taste in your mouth! You can order kopanisti, sausages, kremidopita and any other Mykonos meal that will fulfill your night. Reassure that the tastiest seafood makes its way to your plate. And, when you eat right, you should have a proper drink as well. With this being said, Mykonos at night offers you the most delicious cocktails. With their vivid colours, little umbrellas and strong flavour, you’ll definitely refresh yourself. If you want to feel the essence of tropical Mykonos, then try tropical cocktails. But, if you want to bring a nightlife mood to your Mykonos journey, then have a sip of irresistible,¬†traditional Greek cocktail. You can try making a cocktail by yourself, which will bring a whole new level of excitement for you.

When The Sun Goes Down, The Best Nightlife In Mykonos Begins

After a dinner, give yourself over to a partying all night long! As we’ve already said in the beginning of this blog, Mykonos is the island most known for lustful and wild nightlife. Yeah, people enjoy in during the day, because they can do so many amazing things in Mykonos. But, everyone eagerly waits the sun to go down, so they can “transform” themselves into a real hedonists! That’s why Mykonos at night has a reputation of the party animal of Greece.

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If you still haven’t decided which club will you go to in order to have the most incredible time of your life, the answer is Porta Bar Mykonos! Our club is a fancy, open-minded and cozy bar located in the heart of Mykonos town. The wildest parties in Mykonos start in Porta Bar, because we are probably the best gay club here! With the best DJs, latest lighting, sound system, eclectic music and extravagantly stylish interior, you will dance like never before! Parties here practically never stop, trust us! Pleasant atmosphere and people increase chances for you to make a dozen of new friends that you met in our club!

When you experience our lovely indoor nightclub, you’ll forget the world outside! Come, visit us and have memorable and unique time! We are waiting for you because the new season at Porta Bar Mykonos has begun!

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