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There is a reason why many people consider Mykonos as an island of hedonism. Whoever has come at least once on Mykonos can say that he/she enjoyed his life to the fullest! It’s simple explanation. This island has natural beauty and charm, delicious drinks and food, and open minded community. This is why Mykonos leaves no one indifferent. If your plans for this summer holiday are to visit this magical island, then spend this vacation like a boss! In other words, prepare to feel the luxurious life of Mykonos, because you deserve it.

This is also one of the main reasons why Mykonos represents the most popular destination for celebrities from all around the globe.  But, why watching the glamorous life of your favourite superstars, when you can experience one? There are, certainly, many significant places to visit on this island. Also, there are a lot of pleasurable things to do in Mykonos which will make you feel like you are on the top of the world! So, “dive in” Mykonos’s pleasures and get ready for your life adventure!

Taste Of Greece – Try Mykonian Cuisine

If there is one thing that makes Greece an impressive country, that is certainly their splendid and outstanding cuisine. The luxurious life of Mykonos includes tasting traditional specialties of this island. Culinary experience and food delicacies here will take you to the whole new level of enjoyment. There is a wide range of seafood you just have to try. Every bite is a satisfaction, trust us.

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Therefore, when in Mykonos you must taste the kopanisti. It’s salty and spicy cheese product with a creamy texture. A really tasty food that you cannot resist is definitely kremidopita. It is an onion pie filled with local Mykonian cheese. Kalathaki or almond cake is stunning sweet delicacy and people around the Aegean sea simply love it! But, if you want to taste the high-quality Mykonos meat, then louza is the solution for you. Many tourists desire this kind of food.

Luxurious Life Of Mykonos – Sail On Yachts And Visit Fabulous Beaches

If you want to experience the real extraordinary life of Mediterranean climate, then rent a charter yacht. You can travel where ever you want! There is no better way to enjoy in mesmerizing view, but to have a life-changing Mykonos boat ride. Or, in this case, yacht trip. While on a yacht, you can have a private chef service and personalized gastronomic menu which will make you feel great. Even better – you can sail to some exclusive, private beach where chefs will cook just for you! Laying down on a beach, eating your favourite food and watching breathtaking panorama. Admit it, this is heaven on earth!

Speaking of beaches, while having a journey on a yacht, there are some spots you should definitely visit. Naturally, that is if you want to experience the exclusive Mykonian life. You can visit Platys Gialos Beach which is really wide and has many restaurants and apartments. Among all the beautiful beaches in Mykonos, you should definitely pay a visit to a Ornos Beach. It has really exquisite surroundings and many taverns. Don’t forget, there are many other lovely beaches that’ll make you feel fabulous. Some of them are Paradise Beach, Super Paradise Beach, Psarou Beach and Paraga Beach. There are also Elia Beach, Agios Stefanos Beach and many others.

Explore The Greek Culture And Architecture

The luxurious life of Mykonos doesn’t mean just taking pleasure in material activities. It also includes a satisfaction for your soul, spirit and mind. You know what they say – if you are rich “inside”, then the whole world is yours! With this being said, there are also many cultural and archaeological places that are worth visiting and exploring.

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The first place on your cultural-excursion list, that you have to see and explore, is definitely Windmills of Mykonos! It is a very important part of Mykonos charm and cultural identity. If you want to see the most famous archaeological museum in Greece and take part in Mykonian history, then Delos is waiting for you! Museum in this island has a priceless collection of historical tombstones, statues and sculptures. Don’t hesitate to visit the most famous church of Mykonos – Panagia Paraportiani. It is, basically, building complex made out of five temples and it is really astonishing. If you are asking yourself what to do differently in Mykonos, other than spending time on beaches, then feel free to visit Rarity Gallery.

Luxurious Life Of Mykonos – Partying And Clubbing Like A Pro

This is the part we all have been waiting for. By far, you could’ve come to a conclusion that Mykonos represents the party animal of Greece! In fact, people from all around the world travel to Mykonos, just to be the part of sensational and luxurious nightlife! Clubbing, and parties here never stop!

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But, if you want to “enter” the real party scene and to take “wild” action, then Porta Bar Mykonos is an ideal spot for you! This is the best gay bar in this island with high reputation in entire Greece. You’ll feel a positive energy and vibes as soon as you walk into this club. The most popular DJs from all over the globe come here  play music and, of course, the best gay anthems. Modern LED light dance floor and delicious cocktails will make you unveil your true self. Which is totally fine! Our staff is really polite, so you can easily make friends with them. In our clubbing and friendly atmosphere, everyone can find something enjoyable.

What are you waiting for? Now is the best time to visit Mykonos and create a memorable experience! Give yourself a break and book your holiday now! Get ready for the most incredible experience in your life!

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