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We don’t need to mention that the summer 2019 is getting closer and faster than you may think. Mykonos is definitely the most popular destination in Europe when it comes to summer holidays. There are many reasons why everyone should visit this unbelievably beautiful island. In this article we will present to you some of the most interesting things about Mykonos that make this island really incredible. Keep in mind, these things are just part of the “whole picture” and this Greek island is much more than that. Here are five amazing facts about Mykonos that you probably didn’t know and they will make you want to come here as soon as possible.

Colours of the doors and windows

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First thing that people notice when they come to Mykonos are the colours of the doors, windows and buildings. Basically, they are all blue, red and green. And white, of course. This is something that really “catches an eye” of the tourists from all around the world.

The reason of this strict colour code dates back in the old days whens sailors used to paint the doors to blue. Farmers used to paint doors and windows green, and for everything and everyone else they have used red colour. Unique, isn’t it?

Interesting things about Mykonos – You couldn’t have funeral here

Historically speaking, this is definitely one the most interesting things about Mykonos. This fact also dates back in year 431 BC during the famous event in European history – Peloponnesian war.

Back then, the rule was that no one could have here funeral or burial here. But, beside that, one of the cruelest rule during the Peloponnesian war reffering to women. They weren’t allowed to have children. This is one of the strangest bygone facts about Mykonos and historians still research this topic.

Armenistis Lighthouse – Most beautiful view from the island

The most popular tourist attraction in Mykonos, beside beautiful beaches, is Armenistis Lighthouse. Reason for that is the incredible panoramic view of the Aegean sea.

Armenistis Lighthouse was built in 1894 and it’s 19 meters tall. But, its focal height is 184 meters. It is also the home to the graves of ancient sailors. Lighthouse is located in the area of Fanari, seven kilometers from the capital town. This site has unbelievable view of nature from island, and it’s really stunning.

Interesting things about Mykonos – Little Venice

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The thing that definitely makes Mykonos one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, is town called Little Venice. Its original name, that not many people know is Alefkandra. But, authorities decided to change name in order to attract many tourists.

Colorful houses with wooden balconies look like they hang above the sea, as the waves “hit” them. And this is the thing that irresistibly reminds of the famous Italian city.

This picturesque Little Venice is also known as the most romantic spot on Mykonos. It is place where you can enjoy the walk and the most beautiful view of the sunset. So at that time cafes and taverns along the coast are full of guests.

Island of hedonism – The best nightlife and parties in Europe

Mykonos is most famous for its wild nightlife and the home of best parties in Europe. Milions of tourists come here every year just to “feel on their skin” the greatest excitement of their life. Also, many celebrities from all around the world come to Mykonos for their holiday. So, everybody is more than welcome to this Greek island.

Also, Mykonos is most known in entire world as the top gay friendly destination. Which is also one of the most interesting things about Mykonos. If you are looking for the best gay bars and gay parties on this island, then Porta Bar is the perfect place for you.

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The world’s best and talented DJs make absolutely groundbraking music and amazing atmosphere in Porta Bar Mykonos. And they are more than happy to play the best gay anthems. You will feel positive, energetic vibes as soon as you enter the club. There is also incredible dancefloor with modern LED lights where you can express all your love for dancing and music. Numerous drinks and cocktails, but also the friendly atmosphere will make you feel like you are at home.

You can always meet new people and make friends with them (maybe more than that), and have the most memorable experience of your life. So, the best way to start you summer holiday in Greece is to come to Porta Bar Mykonos. It’s still early, but you should start preparing yourself.

Visit us and we promise you unforgettable summer 2019 holiday.

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