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You all know that Mykonos island has plenty of exciting and beautiful things to offer to anyone. Thrilling beaches, restaurants and taverns with the finest Greek cuisine, amazing nightclubs, resorts, apartments, etc. If you have already visited Mykonos, you probably know what are the most popular places around here. But, did you know that there are other hidden sights in Mykonos that will take your breath away as well?

These places will make your journey in Mykonos an unforgettable adventure. Now, when we say “hidden places in Mykonos“, we don’t mean that they are actually hidden. They are just not as famous as some other landscapes and landmarks in this island. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not attractive or engaging. Actually, these sights are definitely worth seeing. So, in this blog we’ll introduce to you some of the most gorgeous places and gems in Mykonos.

Hidden Sights In Mykonos – Kalo Livadi Beach And Kapari Beach

When someone mentions holiday in Mykonos, the first thing that probably pops in your mind are the beaches, for sure. There are many popular beaches in Mykonos like Super Paradise Beach, Ornos Beach, Lia Beach, etc. But, what about those beaches that don’t have so much crowd, but are equally (or more) marvelous as these popular beaches?

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With this being said, you should, without any doubt, visit Kalo Livadi Beach. It is one of the most largest sandy beaches in Mykonos for everyone’s taste and need. Younger generations can enjoy in an awesome beach parties. While, on the other side of the beach, families can have their own peace with their children. Also, keep in mind that the number of celebrities visiting this beach is getting bigger and bigger. If you want to isolate yourself and experience the epicenter of freedom, then Kapari Beach is for you! It’s a small beach with crystal clear water and it is really a hidden heaven on Earth.

Visit Outstanding Saint Nicholas Church And Saint Charalambos Church

Mykonos has many historical and architectural “wonders” that attract millions of tourists to this island every year. The most important part of Mykonos charm and cultural identity are Mykonos Windmills. Small picturesque quart that never stays without visitors is a Little Venice. But, as we have mentioned earlier, Mykonos is much more than these prominent places.

Hidden sights in Mykonos, believe it or not, include wonderful churches and monasteries. History buffs will be delighted! When you’re in Mykonos, you have to see small, but the impressive Saint Nicholas Church. Its location is on the old port of Mykonos. It has an exceptional blue cupola and remarkable white walls. Besides this church, it is always a great choice to see Saint Charalambos Church. This church lies on the edge of the sea, and from its balcony you’ll have to most fascinating view of the open Aegean sea.

Set aside time to visit these cultural places and feel the spirit of ancient Greece!

Hidden Sights In Mykonos – Fragia Beach And The Beach Of Mersini

Although the beaches during autumn in Mykonos are less visited, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have plans for the following summer of 2020. If you come to Mykonos regularly and want to get away from all the noise and overcrowded beaches, then we have the solution for you. Nothing stops you from visiting some of the “top secret” beaches in Mykonos!

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One of them is, undoubtedly, Fragia Beach. You cannot walk to this beach, which means you can reach this place only by sea. So, feel free to arrange the boat tour or ride in Mykonos and you’ll have no problems approaching this beach. In the northeast of the island, there is also a fantastic isolated beach. Its name is Mersini beach and it represents the perfect combination of sand, blue water and green natural beauty around it.

We guarantee that you will live like a boss in Mykonos if you decide to pay a visit to these beaches!

After Visiting These Places It Is Party Time!

These are just some of the hidden sights in Mykonos that everyone should visit while being in this island. As we could see, these sights and landscapes are really stunning. Due to these attributes, they are getting more and more attention year in year out. But, when you finish visiting these places, when the night comes down, then the magic begins!

Of course, we are talking about incredible nightlife in Mykonos which leaves no one indifferent. If you want to experience “the real deal” and the ultimate night out in Mykonos, then Porta Bar Mykonos is just the place for you. Our exclusive indoor nightclub has the flattering reputation of the best gay bar in Mykonos. We have this reputation thanks to the best DJ music, friendly service and open-minded cozy venue.

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In Porta Bar you can expect a great selection of the tastiest cocktails, “contagious” music that will keep you on the dance floor all night long! Also, an extravagantly stylish decor of our club will make you feel like you’re at home. Visit us, organize unbelievable events in our club and create everlasting memories in Mykonos!

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