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Fantastic beaches, awesome places, breathtaking landscapes, deluxe hotels and apartments, incredible nightlife… Mykonos definitely has it all. So, it doesn’t surprise that millions of visitors every year (especially during summer) gather around in Mykonos. Because, they want to spend the precious moments which they’ll remember for the rest of their life. Besides that, Mykonos is well-known as a desirable gay destination, which leaves no one indifferent. Gay life in Mykonos is so marvelous that many people consider it to be the epicenter of hedonism.

Although Greece is mostly Orthodox oriented country, that doesn’t change the fact Mykonos remains the number one destination for gay travellers. However, people in Mykonos are really polite and welcoming, so it’s really not important what your sexual orientation is. As long as you’re open-minded, nondiscriminatory and positive person that cherishes the true values of good pleasure. There are so many places/things that gay people can visit/do in Mykonos, in order to have a memorable experience in this island.

Gay Life In Mykonos – The Most Popular Gay Beaches

What is the first thing that pops in your mind when someone mentions Mykonos? You’ve guessed it – it’s phenomenal summer atmosphere and the most amazing beaches. Unfortunately, summer 2019 in Mykonos is over, but fortunately summer 2020 will come quicker than you expect! And, you know what this means! It is the period of the year when the gay beach scene becomes the most thrilling and exciting place to be. Here’s a list of some of the most popular an really lovable gay beaches in Mykonos.

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  1. Elia Beach. As soon as you come to this beach, you’ll feel the overwhelming sensation in your body. Although this is gay-friendly beach, many straight people and straight couples enjoy being here just because of the friendly ambience.
  2. Agrari Beach. If you’re not a fan of crowded and loud places, then Agrari beach is a perfect solution for you. This is somewhat quiet and peaceful beach with really smoothing and cozy atmosphere. This is why this beach happens to have the flattering reputation of one of the most romantic places in Mykonos.
  3. Paraga Beach. Small beach that attracts all kinds of tourists every single year. From the youngest generations and parents with children, to the gay people, exhibitionists and nudists.
  4. Super Paradise Beach. The name of this beach is wrong. Why? Because, the most sinful (and pleasurable) things happen here every night and day. Jokes on the side, this beach is famous for some of the best beach parties in Mykonos. They last from late afternoon all the way to the late night hours.

Whatever the beach you choose, trust us, you’ll have the time of your life.

Visit The Extraordinary XLSIOR Festival

There are many gay festivals all around the world, but, now, forget every single one of them. None of these events can compare with the glorious XLSIOR festival in Mykonos. This festival is made for those whose universal and only language is love. We can say that the gay life in Mykonos begins with XLSIOR festival. It is the most exclusive cosmopolitan Summer gay festival in the entire world. And, this event gets bigger and better year in year out.

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Over 30.000 gay people from every corner on the planet come here to witness the heaven on earth. XLSIOR festival takes place in the last two weeks of August, when the atmosphere is the hottest! The most popular names in gay artistic and music scene flock here to amuse the crowd. But, XLSIOR is not just about music and party venue that will knock you off your feet. Everything in this festival is about celebrating freedom, peace and love. It is about celebrating YOU and just the way YOU are. In just one place you’ll see many beautiful faces and many happy people.

And that’s exactly the whole purpose of XLSIOR festival.

Magic Happens During The Night – The Best Gay Nightclub In Mykonos

Everything we’ve said so far is just the part of astonishing Mykonos gay travel guide. There are plenty of other things to do in Mykonos, in which gay population can find their true self and really enjoy. The best and, certainly, the inevitable part of those things is, without any doubt, gay clubbing in Mykonos. Gay life in Mykonos goes, hand in hand, with unbelievable and outstanding night out in Mykonos. There is no even a theoretical possibility that you will not have a good time while partying in Mykonos at night.

Though there are many bars in Mykonos that offer you the most captivating nights, gay people should choose only the best gay nightclub. And that is absolutely Porta Bar Mykonos. Our indoor club is made for everyone’s ultimate satisfaction. The excellent reputation that we have is practically the combination popular music, friendly service and distinguished interior. Once you come to Porta Bar, you will easily forget the world outside. With the latest LED light dance floor, you will create the unforgettable experience. And, listen to this – every night is a party night in Porta Bar Mykonos!

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We have a modern and unique remixes of the most popular DJ music. Nevertheless, we also play the and clean radio edits of this type of music. This includes playing the best gay anthems, as well. Pleasant staff, intimate atmosphere and the tastiest cocktails will make you feel like you’re on the top of the world!

Follow your dreams and feel free to visit us any time you want. We guarantee that you will want to come over to Porta Bar Mykonos again and again.

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