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The holiday season is before us, so now is the perfect time to think about some of the most important gay holidays in the world. These dates are here to remind us of the problems the gay community faced throughout the years. Celebrating these holidays means paying tribute to this lifestyle and enjoying life to the fullest.

In order to help you get started, we’ve decided to include a couple of dates we feel are quite important for the whole LGBT community. We can’t tell you how to celebrate these dates, but we recommend you go out and just enjoy life to the fullest.


LGBT Pride Month

We’ll start things off with a date that actually extends to the whole month. You probably already know that June is considered the LGBT pride month. This was decided to honor the famous Stonewall riots that occurred at the end of the month in 1969. They were significant because they helped promote needs and problems of the the gay community.

That is why many gay holidays in the world happen in June. Besides, this summer month is perfect for celebration and parties at gay¬†nightclubs, so we’re quite glad they chose it.

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Day Against Homophobia

One of the most important gay holidays you should know about is the International day against homophobia, transphobia, and biphobia. It is observed on May 17 across the globe. Countries all over the world organize events on this day to help spread awareness. Despite the fact that we’re living in the modern age, there’s still a lot of homophobia in the world.

Hopefully, these events will help bring to light the struggles of the LGBT community and spread tolerance among people. These phobias shouldn’t exist in today’s world. People should be equal, regardless of their sexual preferences or biology.

Harvey Milk Day

One of the most famous gay activists in the world, Harvey Milk also has his own day. He was the first openly gay man selected for public office. He dedicated his life to making everything better for the whole LGBT community. This special date is observed on the 22nd of May as a tribute to his life and his work. Interestingly, it was Arnold Schwarzenegger who designated this day as Harvey Milk Day

In case you’re not too familiar with that name, you can also watch the award-winning film Milk with the marvelous Sean Penn in the leading role.

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National Coming Out Day

Another important holiday you should know is the National Coming Out Day, which is celebrated on the 11th of October. It started in the USA in 1988 and has been observed yearly ever since. The main purpose of this holiday is to inspire closeted men and women around the world to free themselves and reveal their true sexual identities. If more people see that members of their family and friends are also gay, they will accept the concept more easily, eradicating homophobia for good.

Although this holiday only included the members of the LGBT community in the past, nowadays, it is a lot more expansive. These gay holidays don’t include just gay, lesbian, and bi people, but also transsexuals and numerous other genders that exist in the world.

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