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It is well known fact that the Greek people enjoy in food, beverages, good music and dance. Simply, they know how to enjoy and celebrate life itself. But, when it comes to good atmosphere and mood, drinks are definitely the symbol of Greece. There are many beverages in this beautiful country that make people have better experience and understanding of life. In this article we represent to you the most common drinks in Mykonos. These drinks you just don’t want to miss when you are on summer holiday on this amazing island.

Metaxa – Feel Greece In One Sip

If you want to experience the spirit of Greece and its whole region in just “one shot”, then Metaxa is the perfect drink for you. It is one of the best 50 drinks in entire world, and each slip of this beverage reflects the passion for life.

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Grapes, premium wine distillates and herbal extracts are the essential parts od Metaxa. But, the most important ingredient, due to which Metaxa differs from other alcoholic drinks in Mykonos, is Muskat wine. Metaxa master must know very well the process of making this drink in order to choose the sweet and mature Muscat from certain areas of Greece. Unlike any other brandy, you can drink Metaxa undiluted. And also, you can drink it with ice cream, tonic, juice or tea. Metaxa goes hand in hand in many cocktails. In winter – this drink warms you. In summer – it refreshes you.

Ouzo And Tsipouro – Traditional Drinks In Mykonos

According to Greek people, ouzo and tsipouro are not just some alcoholic drinks. They are the way of life.

Ouzo is the type of liqueur and people often drink it as aperitif, before eating. Taste of ouzo is sweet, but quite strong so you don’t have to drink it fast and plenty. When drinking ouzo, it is mandatory to enjoy the salty traditional Greek food. People drink ouzo in tall, narrow glasses where you add water or ice. After this, ouzo gets a milky white colour because the interaction of water with anise oil.

Tsipouro is the type of brandy and it’s probaby more popular in Greece than the ouzo. Unlike the ouzo, tsipouro’s most famous ingredients are white grapes. Tsipouro masters distill this beverage many times for its stronger taste. It has more percentage of alcohol than ouzo (40-50%). Anise gives this drink a special flavor and you also mix tsipouro with water or ice, where you get whitish colour.

Wines And Soumada – Have Great Time Anywhere

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The real hedonists know the importance of famous sentence “in vino veritas (in wine, there is truth). Since the “birth” of Greece, wine has been an inevitable part of religious and every other rituals and festivals. The Greeks considered this traditional drink as an invention that god Dionysus gave to them.

There are many outstanding red and white wines in Mykonos. But, the most known wines in this Greek area are Cabernet Sauvignon, Assyrtico and Syrah. You can have wine anytime – morning, afternon or evening. Nevertheless, the perfect time to enjoy this drink is while you are watching sunset on the most beatiful beaches in Mykonos.

Beside wines, when you are in Mykonos you have to try Soumada. This is non-alcoholic, sweet and refreshing drink made of almonds and sugar. If you want to take a break from alcoholic beverages, and enjoy healthy and nutrient drink, then Soumada is best option for you.

Cocktails – Drinks In Mykonos For Partying Every Day And Night

So, we can see that there are many drinks in Greece where each sip is a pleasure for itself. But if you want to have an incredible summer 2019 holiday in Greece, the perfect drinks in Mykonos for you are definitely tasty cocktails.

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Summer 2019 is closer than you think. And the main reason people want to visit Mykonos and have holiday here is wild nightlife and crazy parties. With its fancy decorations, small umbrellas and vivid colours, drinking cocktails here is an opportunity to have great summer and all of the fun in the world! You can’t imagine nightlife in Mykonos without variety of sweet, bitter or sour cocktails. They will help you relax, get in the right mood and enjoy every single second you spend on this island.

Place where you can have the best time of your life and drink awesome cocktails is definitely Porta Bar Mykonos. This is the best gay bar in Mykonos where talented DJs from all around the world make exciting and phenomenal music and atmosphere. But, also they are more than happy to play the best gay anthems. With modern dancefloor and LED lights, you can rock and roll whole night long without getting tired! Also, people here are very friendly, so you can always meet new guys and make friends with them.

Choosing the right nightclub is crucial when you want to have the time of your life. With energetic and positive atmosphere and vibes, Porta Bar Mykonos lets you express and be yourself in every single way. We are sure that you will have the most memorable and uforgettable experience if you visit us.

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