Super Paradise Beach In Mykonos – Heaven For Partygoers – Summer 2019

super paradise beach Porta Bar Mykonos 1

It is well known fact that the Mykonos is the most popular party destination, not only in Greece , but in entire world. Thousands of people from all around the globe come here every year to enjoy the sun, sea and perfect life without boundaries. But, if there is one place in Mykonos that will make you discover your true nature and have the most amaz ...


Mykonos – Island Of Hedonism That Celebrities Simply Adore – Summer 2019

celebrities love Mykonos Porta Bar Mykonos 1

Mykonos is definitely the most attractive Greek island. You can almost feel in the air its glamorous and wild nightlife. And visiting this island leaves no one indifferent. It is heaven for hedonists from all around the globe. This is the main reason why many celebrities love Mykonos . Mykonos has gained well-deserved status as a “paradise for ...


Summer 2019 – Feel The Taste Of Greece: Drinks You Have To Try In Mykonos

drinks in Mykonos Porta Bar Mykonos 1

It is well known fact that the Greek people enjoy in food, beverages, good music and dance. Simply, they know how to enjoy and celebrate life itself. But, when it comes to good atmosphere and mood, drinks are definitely the symbol of Greece. There are many beverages in this beautiful country that make people have better experience and understanding ...


The Best Island In Greece: Five Amazing Facts About Mykonos – Summer 2019

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We don’t need to mention that the summer 2019 is getting closer and faster than you may think. Mykonos is definitely the most popular destination in Europe when it comes to summer holidays. There are many reasons why everyone should visit this unbelievably beautiful island. In this article we will present to you some of the most interesting t ...


Beaches In Mykonos You Have To Visit – Summer 2019 Guide

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One thing is for sure – when someone wants to spend summer 2019 holiday in Europe, first thought on their mind is Greece. Greek islands have unreal, natural pulchritude, but one of them – Mykonos – is really something and especially beautiful. Beaches in Mykonos are for everyone’s taste: for families with children, nudists, ...


Get ready for the best summer 2019: The most beautiful islands in Greece

When someone mentions you summer 2019 , there is only one thing that should be on your mind. It’s getting really quickly and really fast, so you should plan where will you spend your vacation this summer. In case you don’t have any plans, don’t worry, we were thinking of you. You won’t regret by visiting the most beautiful is ...


What to Visit in Mykonos in 2019 – A Useful Guide

what to visit in mykonos

The summer will arrive sooner than you think, so make sure you plan out your holiday on time. Greek islands are a popular choice for numerous tourists around the world but one certainly stands out from the crowd. Mykonos attracts more and more people every year, thanks to its cultural heritage, beautiful nature and, of course, crazy nightlife. In o ...


Summer of 2019: Get Ready for an Incredible Experience

summer of 2019

If you love travelling, you probably know that the best travel arrangements always get booked first. Popular islands like the famous Mykonos attract more and more tourists every day, so if you want to have an incredible experience this summer, make sure you plan ahead. Porta Bar Mykonos invites you to visit this beautiful island during the summer o ...


Nightlife in Mykonos – Where Parties Never Stop

nightlife in mykonos

The summer of 2019 gives us so much to look forward to. This is especially true if you’ve decided to visit Mykonos this season and enjoy everything this amazing Greek island has to offer. In case you’ve never been here before, you’re in for a treat. Nightlife in Mykonos is always diverse, vibrant and colorful. You can spend your ti ...


Summer in Greece 2019 – Book Your Holiday Now

summer in greece 2019

Although it’s still February, it’s not too early to start planning your summer vacation. If you want your holiday to be an amazing, unforgettable experience, we suggest you spend your summer in Greece 2019 and one of its beautiful islands. The warm Mediterranean climate will help you forget all about your problems and enjoy the Greek lif ...

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