LGBT History

5 Gay Activists Who Changed LGBT History

gay activists

LGBT community has had its fair share of problems over the years. Although they still face discrimination on many fronts, the situation nowadays is a lot better than it used to be. This is all thanks to countless gay activists who dedicated their lives to creating a better world for everyone. These people fought for their beliefs, spoke publicly ab ...


Gay Pride Flag – An Important Symbol of Peace and Tolerance

gay pride flag

One of the most recognizable symbols of the LGBT community in the world is the rainbow flag . This simple, yet effective sign conveys a lot of community’s struggles, desires, and aspirations. Gay pride flag has gone through a couple of variations since it first appeared in the late ’70s but the message remained pretty much the same. Dive ...


(Not so) hidden homoeroticism in popular movies

homoeroticism in popular movies

These days, the LGBT representation in movies gets a bit better, very, very slowly. Only a decade back, that was not the case, not to mention the time before! However, in certain cases, movie makers managed to smuggle in some gayness! Deliberately or not, in these movies it shows pretty well. Check out this subtle homoeroticism in popular movies tha ...